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Football, Festivals and Summer Fun!

Football is just around the corner, so get to cheer on your team! Naturally, being in Saskatchewan, we know that the team of choice is all but guaranteed to be the Riders, so we'll once again bring back the special Rider Ranch flavour! Available on Game Days, this specially themed flavour is sure to be a hit with everyone you watch the game with. The first game for the Riders is their pre-season game on Saturday, June 13th.

And everyone knows that Saskatoon is a city of festivals. While there are plenty of great festivals to attend, our favorite has to be A Taste of Saskatchewan. Once again, we'll be down at the river serving up delicious food. Taste of Saskatchewan runs July 14-19th this year, so be sure to come visit us when the time comes. Our Deep Fried Mars Bar is always extra special at Taste of Saskatchewan, so be sure to indulge your tastebuds.

We hope to be a huge part of your summer this year, whether we join you at your picnics, play a part at your pool parties, and everything else in between. Whether you pick up or call for delivery, Wing World is ready to make your summer a summer to remember!


With our late night delivery, huge selection of flavors, and delicious deep fried desserts, we're Saskatoon's hot spot for wings, so head over to Wing World today!


Over 50 Gourmet Flavours For Wings & Ribs

That's part of what makes the WingWorld experience so unique. WingWorld takes chicken wings and ribs to a whole new level by tossing them in your choice of flavors.

WingWorld is not just another quick service restaurant. Our menu is designed to showcase what we do best. Whether it's our gourmet chicken wings or ribs tossed in one of our fantastic selection of flavours, our fresh salads, tasty fries or our decadent deserts, every order is made fresh when you order it.

With friendly service, staff dedicated to making the best food possible, unique decor and city-wide delivery late into the night, you too can enjoy the “perfect” wing.

Come and see why our customers keep coming back for more!

"It's a Wing Thing"®