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The Best Wings In The World!


Spring is Sprung!

At long last, it appears Winter has finally decided to take a vacation. As the last of the snow melts, and the puddles start to dry up, it's natural for the mind to start wandering towards warm weather ideas - picnics, spending time outside, good things like that. And Wing World wants to be part of your spring and summer plans! We offer delivery to anywhere in Saskatoon, and of course, you can always pick up. So that day at the park playing frisbee, baseball, soccer, or maybe even just sitting on the grass can be enhanced with some delicious wings, ribs, and of course, the fan favorite Deep Fried Mars Bar!

And Easter is coming too. While hiding Deep Fried Brownies and Oreo's around the house in lieu of the standard Easter Eggs might not be the most practical idea, there's nothing stopping you from having them delivered or picking them up after your Easter festivities at home. And finally, to the students writing finals this month, your study time is too precious to waste on cooking and doing the dishes after - so why not have some wings while you study? Just be careful not to get California Ranch sauce all over your notes.


With our late night delivery, huge selection of flavors, and delicious deep fried desserts, we're Saskatoon's hot spot for wings, so head over to Wing World today!


Over 50 Gourmet Flavours For Wings & Ribs

That's part of what makes the WingWorld experience so unique. WingWorld takes chicken wings and ribs to a whole new level by tossing them in your choice of flavors.

WingWorld is not just another quick service restaurant. Our menu is designed to showcase what we do best. Whether it's our gourmet chicken wings or ribs tossed in one of our fantastic selection of flavours, our fresh salads, tasty fries or our decadent deserts, every order is made fresh when you order it.

With friendly service, staff dedicated to making the best food possible, unique decor and city-wide delivery late into the night, you too can enjoy the “perfect” wing.

Come and see why our customers keep coming back for more!

"It's a Wing Thing"®